The cuisine Indulge in the flavours of our tradition

To feel good on holiday means discovering local foods at meal times.
For us at the Hotel Cristina Corona of Cattolica, the word “cuisine” goes hand in hand with “tradition” and “territory”.

Our cuisine is traditional, offering local dishes in order to eat well and relish the taste. At the same time, however, we want it to be an experience to discover new flavours, authentic local dishes, from recipes that have been handed down for generations, almost like something invaluable.

We are from Romagna so we are proud to serve you the delicious flavours of our beloved Region, using the same recipes as our grandmothers and looking for small local producers who like us, care about their local produce. We want you to meet them so we invite them every week to the tastings of typical Romagna products that we organise in the hotel.

Organic is not just a trend, but it is a belief.

Are you ready to taste passatelli in broth, the filled piadina, tagliatelle with ragù sauce, fish broth all made with fresh ingredients chosen every day by Elena and the chef.

For lunch and dinner you will always have the assorted appetiser and vegetable buffet (local products) and a set menu full of tasty dishes ranging from fish to meat.
And every Thursday evening there is the typical Romagna dinner!


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What people say

We stayed on a family room which was OK, not a great view as it was on the 1st floor but very roomie for our 3 kids. Overall hotel service is great but the best asset is probably the kitchen. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner and all is really amazing. Also, the location is absolutely fantastic – 5 minutes from the sea and 2 minutes from shops and restaurants. I definitely recommend staying at this hotel.